Throughout life, brainstorms are coming to all of us. But they are raw and need to be richened. If you enrich they well they may end to scientific discovery or an invention. 


Welcome note from C.E.O

Dear website's visitors;

On behalf of the SCIDEUS team, I want to declare that SCIDEUS company as research, develop and trade company located in one of the best Turkey's science & technology parks, is ready for collaborating with all of the scientists, companies and science enthusiasts around the world. All ideas, plans, and brainstorms will be warmly welcomed by our R&D personnel in the purpose of achieving new innovation and making a new step forward in the world's science by conserving all of your rights. 
SCIDEUS also working as a facilitator company for many of the abroad companies around the world and actively trying to find the new opportunities for them and facilitate their business and scientific goals throughout Turkey's territory based on the Turkish national law rules and regulations.

Best wishes

MD., Ph.D.

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