Our main recent focus is on R&D projects to gather our power and reach the point to launch our products to the turkey market. By having excellent staff and being located in one of the best Teknopark complexes with coverage of the first ranked university of turkey - Hacettepe University - we are precisely running toward accomplishing our recent missions. However, Research and Development is the crucial and Inseparable part of us and after finishing the project we will start another one since the matter of fact that our scientist has too many of them standby for now. In this way, we also open for cooperation with other scientist, companies, and investors of course under our company's policies and mutant principles.

Next, to R&D projects we work with our partners as a commercial partnership and also open to negotiating to accept other partners in every aspect of research, trade, development, and distribution.

As one of the main services, we always provide technical consultancy in medical, chemical, biological, drug and food industries fields.  


We targeted to present new and innovative products to the turkey market and afterward have a huge part in the export of products. Since all of the pre-projects (points to projects that have not been confirmed by SCIDEUS technical board yet) are being analyzed very accurately and strictly, always confirmed projects are carrying not only huge value in science but also great potential in marketing and financial point of view. We always think of launching projects that can result in stretching the circle of science and also help the people to live better and healthier.

As we mentioned earlier, being covered by a great technopark organization - Hacettepe Teknokent - is the kind of assurance for us to see these visions not very far.