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Scideusgenetics as one of the specialized branches of SCIDEUS is covering the genetics aspects of the R&D in the company. Genetics researches offer one of the major components of personalized medicine and are developed part of SCIDEUS as well. By using the superadvanced technology around the pharmacologic, clinical and other aspects of genetic-based research, scideus has a continuous plan around this field. Genetic polymorphism is one of the main concepts here. Using the appropriate techniques specialized in each research object, revealing new markers associated with the particular phenotypical condition, accession of the genetic marker to a specific phenotypical condition, conducting the large meta-analysis studies and producing the comprehensive packages of genetic-based personalized medicine is the main focus and mission of the company in this area. 



PHOENIX is offering one of the most updated packages of personalized medicine in pharmacogenetics. The medicines listed in this service are continuously under research procedure and upgrading process by SCIDEUS. Hence, listed information in this service is most accurate, valid and referenceable of this area. All of the information used is based on valid references in the world and is approved.

Doctor's Clinic

Clinical Studies

SCIDEUS company is always ready to conduct GWAS studies, Genetic polymorphism clinical studies, and clinical variation studies under the supervision of universities all over TURKEY and the World. Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery, Neurology, Internal medicine, Dentistry, Gynecology, Oncology and haematology and all other clinical fields are welcomed by scideus to co-conducting research.

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Based on the SNP information of each individual, this package offers accurate nutrigenomic and postgenomics tests for each individual. Indeed, this package provides a comprehensive report around the mentioned areas and is just something more than the normal nutrition-sport genetics reports. Additionally, These tests provide initial sport and diet plans based on the individuals' bioinformatics as well. All of the references used in this package are approved studies in fields of nutrigenetics, sport genetics, nutrition and physical education.


Academic Researches

SCIDEUSgenetics are ready to help scientists at different academic levels and for different purposes to conduct their genetic research, especially in array technologies. By using İllumina bead-chip array system the most accurate genetic array studies can be covered as service or co-scientific programs.



MEDGENIX is the under developing package of the SCIDEUS. This report will contain comprehensive information about the clinical genetics of each individual. This research is running based on clinical variation studies and is one of the major R&Ds of SCIDEUS. At the release time, it will be predicted to be known as one of the novel developments of its kind.

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Other Services

As one of the official companies around the world that getting official services from İllumina, SCIDEUS is ready to give all of the services that are compatible with Illumina bead chip-microarray technology, İ-Scan device. Services in this area also include Agriculture and Animal genetics which are only a few of the vast services that can be provided.

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